Cink Bamboo Bowl 3 pack, Fog/Beet/Ocean


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Bamboo bowl 3 pack, in three colours: Fog, Beet and Ocean. CINK was created to provide stylish and environmentally friendly dinnerware for your baby, toddler or child.↓ Learn more

Designed by Cink in Sweden


The bowl is perfect for your childrens meal's aswell as for picnic's in the park or for your own breakfast cereals. For the smallest in the family they are perfect to combine with the 3-pack spoons and the sippy cup. If you want to use them for the older family members we recomend the 3-pack of mugs that comes in the same set of color.

Usage and information about the product:
  • BPA, PVC and Phthalates free
  • Approved by the LFGB & FDA standards
  • Suitable for hot and cold food and beverage
  • Do not microwave
  • Wash by hand or in the top-rack of the dishwashing machine
  • Measures: 135 mm x 50 mm
  • Please note: The dinnerware set is made of natural bamboo, therefore the structure of the products may vary depending on which season the bamboo is grown.
    As all bamboo dinnerware the colour may fade a little when being washed in dishwasher, therefore we always recomend hand wash for your Cinks.
    Although bamboo dinnerware is durable and won't smash like ceramics, it can chip or break if dropped on a hard surface.

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    Photo by @justy_olive

    CINK was created to provide stylish and environmentally friendly dinnerware for your baby, toddler or child. With a palette of 5 gender neutral colors, it perfectly complements the modern home and is suited to all ages in your family.

    NaturalMaterials Recycled Certified PlasticFree

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    We value timeless over trendy, few over many and plain over fancy. At every stage of the production process we aim to minimize waste and our environmental footprint, and maximize support for local community and suppliers. Less but better.

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    CINK Story

    A sunny autumn day in the south of Sweden on the open plains of Österlen. Three mums on a child-free weekend. A bottle of wine (or maby more then one) and a lot of bubbling minds full of ideas. Two entrepreneur-moms and one frustrated don’t-know-what-to-do-with-my-life-mum and the idea of CINK was born!

    With a flurry of products for kids of all ages we still thought there was one big thing missing that none of us had been able to find- Clean, stylish dinnerware for babys that fits in the grown up home. Is it really that hard to design functional babys dinnerware in simple shapes, soft colors and without childish prints?

    We think not!

    The Colors

    Österlen, South of Sweden on a crispy cold october day.

    Small, dusty country roads connecting the steel gray ocean with the wide rye fields ready to be harvested. Trucks loaded with beets and crops off all different kinds.

    As the fog rolls in over the landscape we return to the small brick cottage and snuggle up in the sofa in front of the open fire with a glass of wine in our hand.

    This is were an idea is born! The color story of CINK!

    Designed by CINK in Sweden
    Photo by @justy_olive principles

    ① We do because we care.
    ② No middle-men. No seasons. No sales.
    ③ The best quality made locally.
    ④ Less algorithms, more human.

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    3% That Helps

    We take our social responsibility seriously. For every product purchased, we donate 3% of our sales to support non-profit organizations around the world.

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